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Piedmont Players would not be possible without our AMAZING volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Cam Beard Hall or download the form below.mailto:boxoffice@piedmontplayers.com?subject=I%20want%20to%20volunteer%20at%20PPTshapeimage_2_link_0

Piedmont Players Theatre has a reputation for delivering fine quality shows made possible with the dedicated efforts of our countless volunteers.  The obvious volunteers are seen on stage as performers, but behind the scenes are the many volunteers that keep this theater running.


Front of House

The “House” uses the largest number of volunteers.  Each show requires at least 10 House Managers, one for each night we have patrons or guests.  The House Manager is responsible for running the “Front of House”.  He or she makes sure programs are available, sees that the marquee lights are on, answers patron inquiries, coordinates ushers, works with the stage manager to coordinate the opening of the house, remains available throughout the show to deal with telephone calls and emergencies that might arise, and closes up the house at the end of the evening.  In addition to ten House Managers, the run of each show requires at least 54 ushers, 23 concessionaires, and 24 box office volunteers.  Furthermore, over 50 volunteers are needed in the box office each run to take advance reservations.  That means to run the front of house and box office for any show, it takes at least 150+ volunteers and more than 382 volunteer hours.  For a sold out show, it often takes more to handle the crowds.

Stage Manager

Backstage there is another crowd at work.  The Stage Manager is the person who sees that everyone else does his or her job.  He or she makes sure the actors get to the theater on time, calls all the cues for entrances, exits, lights, etc., and is generally in charge of what happens on the stage and in the backstage area.  Including rehearsals, as well as production, the Stage Manager for each show puts in over 110 volunteer hours.  Larger shows require an Assistant Stage Manager, too.


Many of the costumes are rented, but more often than not, PPT volunteers use our own stock, borrowed items, and items our costume crew makes to costume our shows.  It takes hunting, altering, trimming, and sewing to prepare the costumes you see on stage.  In addition, each night it takes from 2 to 6 people to see that everyone on stage is properly dressed and coifed.  There is laundry to be done in between performances. These volunteers put in well over 100 volunteer hours to dress even a small show.

Set Construction

PPT sets are all made and dressed with volunteer labor.  Three weeks before the show opens, two weekends are set aside for set construction.  Everyone meets backstage on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and lunch is provided.  The Sunday is from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Many volunteers come back during the week to finish up details and some are still working right up to the opening of the show. 

Directly after the final performance the set is taken apart and the stage is emptied. This usually takes about three hours and those volunteers relax at Rowan Health and Fitness to soothe their muscles!


Break out your black wardrobe!  Every performance someone has to be sure that each prop is where it belongs and in place when needed.  This is the job done by Properties and a perfect place for the shy folks to volunteer.  Come to auditions and check this block on the audition form.

Running Crew

These are the people that run the smoke machine, revolve the stage, make waves, run the main curtain, etc. The more complicated the set, the more volunteers needed.

Lights & Sound

Each show needs at least two people to run the light and sound boards.  These are the people who keep the volume correct on the microphones, and create thunder and lightning.  Some shows add a “follow spot” light and other special effects requiring more volunteer power.  Most shows require about 50+ volunteer hours for lights and sound.  


To create a PPT show can take from 185-230 volunteers approximately 1000 to 1500 volunteer hours, excluding the man hours of rehearsals and performances by the cast.  Without these behind-the-scenes volunteers there would be no “Show Biz” in Salisbury.

If you would be interested in joining our corps of amazing volunteers, please download the form below, fill it out and email it to Sandra Roakes or drop it by our office between 10am-5pm Monday-Friday.  Someone will contact you and welcome you to the PPT Family right away!

DOWNLOAD OUR VOLUNTEER FORM HEREVOLUNTEER_files/Brochure%20for%20Volunteering..pdf